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About Me

My name is Firas Ahmed Abussaud. I was born in 2/1/1976.

I started photography as a hobby since I was 7 years old. Since then, I use to document, by camera, all the happy events related to myself, my Family, and Friends. During the last couple of years, I exerted more efforts to enhance my hobby by putting more emphasis on learning, reading and to practice what I learned and read. I am an active member in many photography groups and forums. I like photography and hence I am trying to learn a new thing about it everyday.
I like to Think outside the box and many times, I like to take photos for the box itself 🙂

• holder of a Master’s degree.
• Enthusiastic to voluntary work and a founding member of the Kids Friends Group
• Participated in the second Saudi intellectuals forum in Riyadh.
• A continuous participant in local exhibitions and has won several local, Arab and international awards.

• More than 2100 acceptances in 52 countries, including awarded images with almost 90 prizes that includes 16 Gold medals.
• Member of the Arts Group in Dhahran-Saudi Aramco.
• Member of FIAP since 2015 and holds the title of EFIAP\b
• Member of the Patronage/Distinctions committee in FIAP Saudi Arabia
• Holder of GPU CR2 title
• Member of the American PSA Association since 2009 with acceptances count of 831 in PIDC, 355 in PIDM, 203 in ND, 500 in PTD, 149 in PJD and 29 in Print sections
• Member in PSA Arabic Translation Team
Former Member of World of Photography group (WPG) with Hon.FWPG distinction

• General Supervisor of the International Hamasat Exhibition, whose 7th edition participated in 480 participants from forty-seven countries around the world.
• Photography Page’s Editor in Al-Khat monthly magazine.
• Interested in photography and digital design in addition to poetry, literature and sports of all kinds, and loves to travel in general.
• When it comes to photography subjects, I mainly like architectural subjects, nature and travel topics, in addition to humanities and I love monochrome pictures.
• I have published many articles on photography and other social articles published in many local newspapers.
• My accounts on social sites:
o Instagram: MyHamasat
o Twitter: TheFiras
o Flicker: LightSymphony

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