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50 photographic advice

Personally, I consider this article one of best ones I prepared and said at the time: “50 issues is the age of Alkhat magazine and my gift to you is 50 photographic advice from 50 photographers I personally trust and appreciate and are distinguished in their specialized topics. I asked each photographer for an advice that he sees the most important and the result was 4 pages I hope you get your satisfaction and wait for your valuable feedback.”

The idea of the topic for the new star in creative media Basim Shawki Al Nasr ( and preparation and design of my work also 🙂

And for those who want the topic with high accuracy, please visit the link:

Special thanks to our creators and here are their names alphabetically arranged: Atheer Alsada Ahmed The Shakeeli
Https:// Ahmed Salem Osama Al-Sulami
Amal al Ibrahim Bassem AlQasim
Badr alMahroos Habeeb Al-Mateeq
Hassan al, Mubarak Hussein Radwan
Khaled AlOfain
Khaled AlIssa Duaa Hukroh
Https:// Zahra AlQatari Zaid Abdulaziz AbusSaud Zainab Hussein Abdal Zainab Ali Sufair Sajida al-Asfour Sara Taha al Suleiman Sahar AlZaher Saad Al-Shabib Saeed Dhahi Sulafa alFuraih Salma Ali AlSaif
Samira Sulais
Saif alKaabi Saleh Saeed Hukroh Safinaz Hassan
abbas khamis Abdullah Al-Saeed Ali Al-lirat Ali Alsabah
Omar AlZaabi Fadel Al , Mutawey Fatima Ibrahim Al-Marhoon Firas Abu Al-Saud Majid Sultan
Mohammed alKharari
Https:// Mohamed AlShabeeb
Mohamed alNasser
Https:// Mohammad Jawad AlMomen
Https:// Mohamed Zaki AlAwami Maram Al-Jushi Mariam Al-Ghafli
Mamdoh alSaleh Nayef Al-Daman Nisreen al-Dar
Https:// Naseem Al , Abd al, Jabbar Huda alRaeen Wesam Alnasr
Https:// Youssef AlMasoud

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